Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My First Embarrassing Pregnancy Story!

Pregnancy does some funny things to you. For example it makes you worry over every single little thing that you put in or on your body. For the first few weeks of pregnancy, I refused to take any medication even if it was on the approved list. That is until the mother of all headaches hit me.

You are allowed to take Tylenol while pregnant, but of course I had none. On my way to work I stopped at our friendly neighborhood Kroger. I desperately searched the pharmacy aisles for Tylenol. There was none! NONE! I stumbled up to the pharmacy counter asked the pharmacists about the Tylenol. She responded, "Oh honey, due to the recall we haven't had Tylenol in months".

Now let's pause the story here. Any sane person would have asked for another recommendation. Not preggo me! What did I do? Oh, I burst into tears. That's right! I cried right there in the middle of Kroger! I am totally not a crier, but I ugly cried over Tylenol that day!

Thankfully, the pharmacist was a bit more sane than I was at that moment. She went to the aisle and picked out the generic Tylenol for me. I thanked her and sniffed my way to the check out line.

I left Kroger with a bottle of pills and a Coca-Cola (don't judge-you can have a little bit of caffeine when your pregnant). As I walked to my car, my sanity was once again restored and I couldn't help but think to myself 'holy cow I just cried (ugly cried) in the middle of Kroger'. I was totally embarrassed, but I couldn't help but giggle when I thought of the series of events that had just happened.

Pregnancy Truth #1) Sometimes you cry for no good reason at all. Sometimes you end of crying for no good reason at all in public places.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Three Big Secrets

I have been such a bad blogger! Believe it or not, I am still reading all my favorite blogs. I have to keep up with my sweet blog friends! Unfortunately keeping up with my blog and commenting on the blogs I love to read has not been happening. I do, however, have 3 big secrets to share with you!

Secret #1: I recently lost 30 pounds on the new Weight Watchers program. I have such a hard time losing weight, so this was a huge accomplishment for me!

Secret #2: I am putting my weight loss on hold for a little while because I'm pregnant! I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with our first baby! I couldn't be more excited-a little scared-but excited!

Secret #3: It's a boy! Our sweet baby is a baby boy! His due date is estimated to be around April 23rd! We are still working on names!

Thanks for letting me share my secrets! I have so many stories to share with you, so hopefully this post marks the beginning of me being back to blogging! I have to run, but I can't close this post without wishing all of my blog friends a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that your Thanksgiving is filled with lots of family and fun!!!!!