Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Inagural Trip to Taylor Grocery

This weekend Michael and I packed our bags and hopped (or drove) a couple of states over to Mississippi. Why a trip to Mississippi? -To visit a friends of course!

We had a wonderful time visiting our friends (Melanie and Adam) and meeting their sweet and absolutely precious little boy. They are such wonderful and treasured friends. I wish they lived closer or we got to see them more often.

On Saturday afternoon, they treated Michael and I to a trip to Oxford, MS. Oxford is home to Ole Miss, where Michael went to law school. Melanie and I had fun shopping on the square while the boys went to a bar, watched sports, and drank beer. If you have never been to Oxford, it is a charming town with a beautiful downtown area. The downtown area or square (as they call it) also has great little boutiques.

Saturday night, we went to Taylor Grocery. Taylor Grocery may be the most amazing place on Earth. It is a restaurant in an old general/dry goods store. It serves wonderful Southern food. It is most famous for its fried catfish. I don't really like catfish, but even I like the fried catfish at Taylor Grocery. If you go, order the catfish and make sure to get fries with a side of rotel. Yummy!

Taylor Grocery oozes charm and seems to take you back in time a little. There was live music, signatures all over the wall, and a crowd of people. I left with a full tummy and a t-shirt. I didn't have a chance to sign the wall, but you better bet that on my next trip to Taylor there will be a sharpie in my pocket!


Emily @ Longley's in San Diego said...

That place is super cute! I love visiting the south.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

That looks so cool! I love a fabulous grocery store. I'm so jealous of all of you in the interesting, pretty south - I have to drive for hours to come across something worthwhile up here in Nebraska, ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I love stores like that! We have one here that was actually used in the Sgt. York movie, it still is open for business to this day. Hope your having a great week! xoxo

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

fun :) looks like a happening place too! :)