Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pink Chick Goes to Court

Several weeks ago I received a little gift in the mail. This little gift I am referring to was a jury summons. That's right! I had been chosen for jury duty.

Most people think jury duty really stinks (and it does), but I was excited since I had never been called for jury duty. I was also excited because my husband is an attorney, and it would be like getting a peek into his world.

My letter told me I should report to the courthouse at 8:30 am on Monday, so Sunday night I carefully picked out a cute outfit (while channeling my inner Elle Woods) and packed my purse with all the essentials one would need when reporting for jury duty.

Monday morning went smoothly. I looked cute. I parked in the appropriate parking deck, and I arrived to the court room on time. We had to wait a super long time for the judge and the attorneys, so I made a new friend while we waited.

The time finally came for them to select the jury. The judge, the lawyers, and the defendant were all in place. That's when the defendant decided it was time to be creepy. He turned around, peeked over the podium and began to stare. I wasn't sure if he was staring at me or the girl behind me, so I uneasily assumed it was the girl behind me and shifted my gaze away from him. He kept staring and then started waving. This went on for a really long time. It was super creepy, and that's when I decided that jury duty wasn't fun anymore and I wanted to go home.

Thankfully, it wasn't too long after the uncomfortable staring incident that my panel of jurors was released. Both I and the girl behind me happily left the court room and the creepy defendant behind. (insert huge sigh of relief here).

When I arrived home, I couldn't help but google the name of the defendant. I don't want to give any details away since the case is still pending, but let's just say my knowledge gained from google made him even creepier!


Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Oh no! I've never even thought of the aspect of a creepy defendant staring you down. I'm glad you got dismissed.

The one time I received a jury summons was the week I was starting law school (and they barely accepted my excuse). I think I'm one of the people who hopes I don't get one again.

MLD said...

My obsession with CSI and Law and Order has really made me excited for the day that I get selected for jury duty. It would be my luck though that I would be put on the jury for parking tickets or something uncool like that.

Katie's Great Adventure said...

That's awful! SO glad you got out of it. I wonder if he was being creepy on purpose... although your google search doesn't support that hypothesis!

Lexilooo said...

I had jury duty last fall and really enjoyed it! I was juror number 11! It lasted four days, which was longer than needed (it was so obvious that he was guilty, but one juror just wouldn't get it!). I've heard that DC calls you every two years like clockwork, so I am hoping I will get called again next year!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I've secretly always wanted to be selected for jury duty. Still waiting. But I only want to be called for a really interesting case..