Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Destination Domestic: Making My Own Taco Shells

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I have been struggling with my blog mojo lately, so I decided it's time to refresh The Pink Chick! I will be changing things here and there, and my first change is today! Today I am introducing a new segment called "Destination Domestic"! I have so many wonderfully domestic friends that inspire me on a daily basis, so I thought I would try my hand at becoming a little more domestic and share my adventures with you!

My first domestic adventure was making homemade taco shells. I saw them in a magazine and thought they looked delicious and rather easy. Basically, you fry a corn tortilla.

My first attempt didn't go so great. I ended up having grease pop in my face (due to a combo of too much oil and too high heat). I suffered minor burns to my cheek, forehead, and eyelids. Of course, I handled to situation with grace. That is if you consider crying and vowing never to cook again graceful! ;)

A week later most of my burns (and my pride) had healed, and I was ready for attempt number two! Attempt two went off without a hitch! The taco shells were delicious and make for one heck of a yummy taco! My husband couldn't stop raving about them!

Burns aside, home made taco shells are super easy to make! You can find great step by step instructions here. You can also try frying strips of corn tortillas to liven up a taco salad!

Sorry I didn't take any pictures! Next time I promise!


Lindsey said...

I never thought to make my own taco shells but that is a great idea! YUM!

Katie's Great Adventure said...

That's awful about the burns!! I'm glad you were ok eventually, and I must say that being back in the kitchen (attempting the same item, no less) a week later is quite impressive! By the way, in case it helps, you're my benchmark of domesticatedness and I will never be as good at it as you!