Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Favorite Things: Gift Giving Edition

Since Christmas is sneaking up on us, I thought I would spend the next few weeks dedicating "My Favorite Things" post to gift giving ideas. I have to admit that my first idea is an idea I borrowed from my friend, Diana. It is definitely a gift idea that I will be using this year!

If you are looking for a thoughtful, fun, and inexpensive gift for a female friend or coworker, then a pair of monogrammed gloves might be your answer. A pair of fleece gloves from Old Navy are regularly priced at $7.50 or 2 for $10 in store. Old Navy always has great sales, so it is possible to get them even cheaper.

A pair of these gloves on their own make a little bit of a boring gift, but add a monogram and you've got a super cute and special gift! Most any town is going to have a shop that does embroidery. If not, check to see if you have a friend or relative with an embroidery machine.

Want to add to the gift? Pair the gloves with a monogrammed scarf or a nice bottle of hand lotion! Great gifts don't have to be expensive! Just use your imagination or borrow ideas from friends! :)


Ann said...

what a fantastic idea!!!

Gwen said...

Such a cute idea!!! I even have a friend that has an embroidery machine. Might have to check into this. :) XOXO

Preppy Little Dress said...

Great idea, one of these days I will break down any buy one of those machines. Too bad they aren't cheap!!