Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Childhood Flashback: Double Dare Style

Recently a treasure was unearthed-a simple VHS tape that held something very entertaining! Here's the story!

A friend of ours, Keller, was on Family Double Dare back in 1993. Do you remember Double Dare? Double Dare was a game show that came on Nickelodeon. It was one of my favorites!

Ever since I found out that Keller was on Double Dare, I have been begging to see the episode. Well, it finally happened! The VHS was found and we had a viewing party on Sunday. It was magnificent! Not only was it entertaining to watch our friend and his family compete on Double Dare, but the old commercials were fantastic to watch!

Here's a picture of our friend (he's the little blond) and his family: The Killer Kellers!

Just in case your wondering, the Killer Kellers beat the other team and competed in the Obstacle Course where they won the grand prize! Way to go Killer Kellers!!!!


Caroline said...

I so wanted to be on that show!!!

Katiellirb said...

I LOOVED double dare!! What a great memory! And how cool that you knew someone on it! I remember the grand prize was often a trip to Space Camp. I was soo jealous! :)

AG said...

Whoa! That's so fun. I probably watched that episode. haha. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Lindsey said...

What a great flashback, I loved Double Dare!!!

Samantha said...

I used to love that show!! How funny is that! I forgot all about it! They need to save that VHS for their kids! So cool!
<3 Sam

Anonymous said...

I used to love this show. I always wanted to be a contestant on it. Do you remember the big foot that you had to fish through the toe jam to get the next clue? It was gross.