Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Favorite Things

Hand Wash Only! These three little words used to mean 'deal breaker' when I read it on a garment's care tag. Not any more! I have found the perfect solution for delicates-Forever New.

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This product was suggested to me during a bra fitting at Intimacy of Atlanta. It has proven to be perfect for bras and all other hand wash only garments. I even use it on my cute embellished tees!

Forever New makes hand washing garments easy. You simply dissolve the detergent in water, soak the garment for 5 minutes and rinse twice. The garment comes out clean and smelling great! Forever New also helps restore the elasticity of spandex and other stretch fabrics. Oh and did I forget to tell you that it is reasonably priced!

You can visit their website to learn more about all the products they offer and where to buy them! Of course, you can also find Forever New on Amazon.

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Gleatie said...

I LOVE intimacy. In fact, I ran over there yesterday because all my other bras were shot. Of course I can only afford two at a time and still almost choke at the $197 total!