Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Edition: My Favorite Things

I love high heels. I love the way they make me feel tall, the way they make me stand a little straighter, the way they make my legs look, BUT I hate the way they make my feet hurt!
Foot Petals are a great little product that help ease the pain of your favorite heels. A friend told me about these recently, and I had to give them a try! They are wonderful! They are a little pricey, but I think they are definitely worth the extra dollars. Stay tuned though-another friend of mine told me about another product that is supposed to make high heels more comfortable. This product is a little cheaper, but I haven't had a chance to try it. I will let you know when I do.


Sabrae said...

OMG! I would kill myself in high heels!!!! It's flip flops for me :)

LyndsAU said...

I am a heel girl for sure! I wear them every day! and I loooove petals :)