Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Fun Tip for Today

Feeling a little fat or bloated? No need to worry! Just find your nearest coke machine (or other convex surface), turn to the side and look at your reflection! I do it every time I buy a diet coke at work. It makes me look like I am a size 4. Now I know I am not a size 4 (and probably will never be thanks to my big, child-birthing hips), but that glance into the coke machine sure does add a little pep in my step. It also gives me motivation to stick to my diet. Just don't forget that most coke machines are in public. I have received quite a few strange looks in the break room!

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Anonymous said...

I too wished we lived closer:)That would be so cool to get together:) I loved this post about looking sideways in a coke machine:) You are hilarious:):) I want to see your work, when will your shop open?