Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Edition: My Favorite Things

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! My Monday is going by so fast! I had no idea it was almost the end of the work day! Before I hop in my car and head home (yes I blog at work and no that does not make me a bad person or employee), I want to share with you my very favorite clothing store along with a few of my favorite clothing items they are carrying right now.

I am an Ann Taylor Loft junkie! I love Ann Taylor Loft! I feel like it caters to my age group. It has sassy, fun clothes that are also work appropriate. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in their Summer collection, and I haven't been that crazy over their Fall collection. However, there are a few pieces in the Fall Collection that I think are just adorable. I'm sure they will have more fabulous Fall things in the months to come. The Summer-Fall transition time is always tough.

This cute pants above are the Marissa fit. I just love the fact that they are red. I used to have a divine pair of red pants, but they bit the dust more than a few years ago. I have been yearning to replace them, but I haven't found a suitable pair until now. These babies are on their way to my house as we speak!

This jacket is much cuter in person! It is a must see if there is a Ann Taylor near you! It also comes in a mustard yellow, but I prefer the black! I tried this coat on a few days ago, but it hit me in all the wrong places! So sad! I'm sure it would look precious on someone who isn't as short-waisted as I am. I am still not giving up hope on this jacket. It comes in petites, so I am going to try it on when the petite size arrives at my local Loft. I am also waiting for it to go on sale. It is a little pricey! However, I am convinced that it would be a perfect addition to a precious Fall wardrobe.

How cute is this green jacket! I just found it today while online shopping at Ann Taylor Loft. I am going to have to visit this jacket in person! I will let you know how it looks, but I will be surprised if it is anything but absolutely adorable!

Okay, so those are my favorite things for this week! I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to comment and share with me your favorite things! I love reading your comments and learning new things!

Oh and by the way, if I did an edition on my not so favorite things this week's not so favorite things would be porta-potties! Those things are absolutely disgusting. I think I would rather have my kidneys burst or use the bathroom on a tree (even if it is in public view) than ever use a porta-potty again. As you can tell there is a story behind the whole porta-potty thing, but I fear it is too graphic and gross to write about. I will spare my wonderful readers the horror that is a porta-potty.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
Thanks so much for your comments and thoughts and prayers, they really helped!!!
I have never shopped at Ann Taylor, of course I am a bigger girl so not sure if they have plus sizes!! But I do love the pants and jackets that you picked out:) To cute:)
Have a great week and keep up the blogging, I love reading what you have to say. Don't have many friends where we live so I consider my blog friends some of my greatest friends:)

Anonymous said...

How is the jewelry business going? When are you going to open your online shop? I have been working on new pieces lately and should be posting them soon on The Watermelon Tree. The hardest part to me isn't making the jewelry, it's photographing it and listing them on Etsy!!
I hope you are having a wonderful day:),

A Cincy Mama said...

I stop in the Loft every so often and always love their stuff. Also, the first time we (had to) let Big J use a portapotty, he refused and said "but Daddy, there's STUFF in there!"