Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Edition: My Favorite Things

When I was in college, I had the pleasure of working at a Hallmark store (a big shout out to Wanda’s Hallmark). I loved working at Wanda’s Hallmark. I met many friends there. I spent most of my paycheck there, and I also learned some valuable things while working there. One of the valuable things I learned was the art of gift wrap. Beautiful gift wrapping really adds something to a package. A small, insignificant gift can be turned into something special with beautiful gift wrapping. (By the way, I am not implying that anyone gives insignificant gifts. I was just trying to support my point.)

For my favorite things, I thought I would share some of my favorite gift wrapping tools and ideas with you. First of all, your most important tool is wrapping paper. I love to coordinate my wrapping paper this time of year. My two favorite places to buy wrapping paper are Hallmark and Hobby Lobby. Both of these stores usually have cute holiday prints and good quality paper. A good quality wrapping paper will save you a lot of headaches when wrapping. My wrapping paper this year came from Hallmark. It is red with large white dots. My coordinating wrapping paper is a print with antique ornaments. I purchased it from a PTO fundraiser.

As far as bows go, I really stink at making beautiful bows. I have found that raffia is really easy to use when making bows. It is also rather economical. You can get a spool of raffia for under $5.00. I used both red and white raffia with my gifts this year. Last year I used green and tan to match my Christmas tree wrapping paper. You can also use ribbon to spice up your packages. A simple bow made from grosgrain ribbon is always pretty. My mom and sister’s store uses a simple tan wrapping paper this time of year tied with a large red or green grosgrain ribbon. It is simple, but it makes a beautiful present. You may even want to experiment with tulle.

It is also fun to think outside the box!

  • You can use a pretty, reusable shopping bag as a gift bag. Place your present inside and tie shut with a pretty ribbon.
  • Buy a few yards of material, cut the material in squares, place your gift in the center, bring the material up around the gift, and tie with a pretty ribbon.
  • You can also find cute bags and envelopes made from recycled magazines on etsy. These are super cute to use for small items.
  • A pretty hat box can be used as a present and to “wrap” a present.
  • Use pretty tissue paper to wrap your present in, place in a clear cellophane bag, and tie ribbon. You can also use shred with the cellophane bag instead of tissue paper.
  • Christmas stockings can be used to hide a special present.

    Thanks for letting me share my love for wrapping gifts with you. Please feel free to share your ideas with me! I would love to hear how you make your gifts extra special!


Lindsey said...

Thanks for the tips! I am the WORST at wrapping gifts.

Liana said...

thanks for the good ideas! my family always adds an ornament on the outside with the note so that each year you can give someone something for the tree to :)

NewlywedCentral said...

You are so creative! I LOVE people who think 'outside the box' (which was a cute pun) --

Mrs. Stilettos said...

Thanks so much for the tips!! I just bought some wrapping paper last night at Target and I sware I stood in front of the selection for ten minutes trying to pick out the perfect paper!! I love adding ornaments to the ribbon of the present to give it a little extra something :)

LyndsAU said...

great ideas. thanks for sharing :)

With Love from New Orleans said...

Awesome ideas!!

The Pink Potpourri said...

wow, those are some really great ideas! thanks for sharing! i need all the help i can get :)