Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday Edition: My Favorite Things

Sorry for being late on my Monday post. Yesterday was so crazy. It wasn't a bad day. It was just crazy. I did get a bit of bad news yesterday though. I found out that it is going to be around $2000 to fix everything that is wrong with my car. I was upset at the thought of spending $2000 on repairs, but I have accepted it and I'm moving forward.

Today, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite gift ideas for the Holidays.

For the younger children in your life, I adore these finger puppet that I found on etsy.

I paired these three adorable puppets with a farm animal book for my special little friend.

For older children in your life, I think Webkinz are a great gift. They are reasonably priced and a lot of fun. Here is the explanation of Webkinz they give on their website: "Webkinz pets are lovable plush pets that each come with a unique Secret Code. With it, you enter Webkinz World where you care for your virtual pet, answer trivia, earn KinzCash, and play the best kids games on the net! " My nieces and nephews adore Webkinz. They are available at most gift shops, and they also come in a variety of animals. Below is a picture of the Cocker Spaniel Webkinz.

I have a lot of coffee lovers in my life. I, myself, am not a coffee lover, but I enjoy giving the gift of coffee. This year I found a Starbucks coffee variety pack at Barnes and Noble. It has 6 different coffees in it, and it makes a perfect gift for one special coffee drinker in my life. I didn't purchase these, but they are oh so cute-Starbucks has Christmas ornaments. They are pictured below. I also enjoy buying coffee from Jittery Joes, a coffee company based out of Athens, GA. You can order from Jittery Joes on-line. A fellow blogger also has an on-line coffee store. You can check it out here.

For my female coworkers, I adore giving fun stationary. Last year I found the cutest notepads at Target. They still have have them this year. Below is a picture, but trust me they are much cuter in person. This cute little (well, it's actually rather big) notepad adds spice to any "to do" list!

For my male coworkers, I always give the gift of food. Last year I gave them green pepper jelly from Bird Cookie Company in Savannah. It is delicious served over a block of cream cheese with crackers. This year I am giving them a can of boiled peanuts. The peanuts were grown and canned in South Georgia.

My favorite gift I am giving this season is to a married couple that are dear friends of mine. They have been very busy with their jobs this year, and I thought I would do something special for them. I am putting together a date night basket to give them. So far the date night basket includes a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, a gift certificate to Blockbuster, movie candy, popcorn, a cute popcorn tub, and a few other munchies. It looks so cute all put together. I hope they will enjoy it and have lots of fun on their date night.

Christmas shopping can be so hectic, but it is also so much fun! I hope you have lots of fun as you finish your Christmas list! Feel free to share your favorite gifts that you are giving this year! I always love hearing your fabulous ideas! Merry Christmas!


A Belle and her Beau said...

my favorite thing in the world could possibly be pepper jelly and cream cheese. I bought some from callaway gardens this past weekend but have had some from Byrd too. Delicious!

Anonymous said...

Pepper Jelly is so good and my mother-n-law makes the best homemade pepper jelly. I hope that you have a Merry Christmas.

CrYsTAL said...

Christmas shopping stinks, I really need to start doing that earlier in the year.