Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Horrible, The Terrible....BAGZILLA!!!!

I am a huge What Not To Wear Fan! Stacey and Clinton if by some magical chance you are reading this, I will willing give you every article of clothing, purse, and shoe I own for a wardrobe make-over! I promise I will be fun too! I won't cry or whine, and I will let Nick do whatever he wants to my hair! With that being said-on with my story.

While watching What Not to Wear I have learned many things including that carrying a large purse will make you look smaller. With large purses being in style and the hopes of looking smaller, I rush out and purchase the largest and cutest purse I could find! Okay, so I have a tendency to over do things (which is probably one of the reasons I am in Weight Watchers) and I really purchased two purses.

Below chronicles my journey from cute new purse to BAGZILLA!

Week One with my new purse: I love my new purse! It is so wonderful! I love how big and roomy it is! I can fit so many things in here! It is so cute! I love getting compliments on my new purse. What a great purchase!

Week Two with my new purse: I like my new purse. It is a little cluttered, but it is so nice to be able to fit so many things in here. It is a little big, but I have only knocked a few things off shelves with it. I can't believe I am still getting compliments on my purse. People love my purse, and its magical powers make me look smaller.

Week Three with my new purse: Where is my money? Where is my credit card? I can't find my keys! How did that get in here? This purse weighs 30 pounds! Oh excuse me ma'am, I didn't mean to knock you over with my incredibly huge purse! I hate my new purse! I wonder how much I can get for it on ebay?

I hope that you don't have any Bagzillas in your life, but if you do I hope they are cute ones!

Side note: I found this drawing on a blog, but I forgot to write down the blog name so I could give credit to the artist. I thought the drawing was too funny for words. If you run across it in another blog let me know, so I can give the credit where credit is due!

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