Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Edition:My Favorite Things

Lately my job has required me to go on a few excursions through rural Georgia! I have totally enjoyed it! On one of my excursions I had to stop and get gas, this simple stop was my inspiration for today's favorite thing.

Today's favorite thing is Coke in a glass bottle. I love Coke, but Coke in a glass bottle is ten times better than Coke in a plastic bottle or in a can. There are a few gas stations around here that have Coke in a glass bottle all the time. This one particular store I happened to stop at had dozens of glass bottles of Coke iced down in a big metal tub! My idea of heaven! You can occasionally find this wonderful product in the grocery store. Make sure they are nice and cold before you drink them though. The country store part of Cracker Barrel also has Coke in a glass bottle.

If you are feeling particularly Southern the day you get your glass bottle Coke then you should definitely buy some salted peanuts. Throw a handful of the peanuts into the Coke and enjoy. Drink carefully though! You don't want to accidentally choke on a peanut. That would be a bit embarassing, not to mention life threatning! I realize that peanuts in your Coke sounds absolutely disgusting, but it is so good. I'm not sure why the combination is so yummy, but I don't question-I just enjoy! I hope you will enjoy too!

Maybe if I am not off my Southern kick by next week, I will share with you how to make the perfect green fried tomato. Let's hope I'm off my all things Southern kick soon. If not, I fear I may have to rename my blog! I just can't help it, I enjoy my Southern roots!


Anonymous said...

OK, I honestly believe that you and I were separated at birth!!! Love me some COLD coke and it is HONESTLY better with peanuts!! Especially cashews!! My daddy used to take me fishing alot and we would always stop and get cashews and coke before we went!! Made the fish bite better in my opinion!! I will forever be a Southern Girl!! I would love your recipe for fried green tomatoes, love them too:)Have a wonderful day!:)

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, you know that I love me some coke and peanuts. It is ok to be southern. Also talking about fried green tomato, man had some good ones this weekend. I love mine with ranch dressing. Ok, you know that I am pregnant and so I have to stop talking about food. Love you, and miss you.