Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Edition: My Favorite Things

I must admit that I have the Monday Blues. If I had any talent at all, I would make up a clever little song about The Monday Blues and sing it. Fortunately for you, I have no talent and will by-pass the singing and song writing. If I did write a song though I think I would title it, "Monday Sucks, I Want to go Back to Bed or go Shopping". The title is a little long, but I am sure it would be a #1 hit. :)

With a case of the Monday Blues, it was a little hard to think of a favorite thing to share with you. I decided to share with you something I always look forward to on Mondays. On Mondays, my husband and I have a date after work. We always go to a little wine and coffee bar in Five Points in Athens. This quaint little place is called Aromas ( I always try a new red wine, and Michael always orders a new strange beer. We also order a cheese plate, so we can try new and exotic cheeses. My favorite cheese so far-a horseradish cheddar. My favorite wine is a Pinot Noir called Faiveley. We always enjoy the drinks, the cheeses, the atmosphere, and of course each other! You should visit Aromas if you are in the Athens area. You can tell them the Pink Chick sent you. They won't know what your talking about, but you can giggle at the stupid look on their face when they try to figure out what you are talking about. :)

Not in the Athens area, I don't want to exclude you, so I will include something else that I love. I love audio books. I adore listening to a good book on CD as I cruise down the road. Audio books are especially wonderful for long trips. You can pick up a good audio book at any chain bookstore. Books-a-Million has a ton of audio books. Borders and Barnes & Noble also have a decent selection. My addiction to audio books got a little costly, so I joined an audio book club. It is like NetFlix for audio books. The audio book club I use is They have a pretty good selection of books, but they are a little slow on the shipping. My favorite audio book-The Harry Potter Series. If you are a Harry Potter fan listening to the audio version is wonderful. The narrator, Jim Dale, is absolutely amazing. In fact, he is so good that I would rather listen to the book than actually read it. So next time you have a long trip ahead of you or if you dread that morning/afternoon commute, try an audio book. It is a lot safer than those idiots that read while they are driving!

I predict that next Monday I will be over my Monday Blues, and I will be back to sharing a wonderful lip gloss or another must have item with you! Until then, enjoy!

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