Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swimming Lessons

On our recent vacation to Hilton Head, we took our youngest and smallest dog. Her name is Scout, and she is two years old. She is quite the tom boy, but she is also very high maintenance. In fact, she is too high maintenance for the dog sitter, so that is why she vacationed with us. She was so well behaved on vacation. I was such a proud dog mom!

The first night at Hilton Head we took her to the beach. She loved it. She ran through the water and then through the sand. She was a mess! A really cute mess! I don't have any pictures! Sorry!

The next day we decided to take her swimming in the pool. I took her in the pool with me, and she swam a little bit. However, she was not happy!

We didn't make her go in the pool again, but as Michael and I swam and splashed around she decided to jump in herself. She jumped in a total of three times.

After a long day of new adventures, Scout took a long and peaceful nap! She is just so cute when she sleeps! Those big furry paws and that smooshy little face!

And just do you don't think that I love one of my furry children more than the others, let me introduce you to Porter and Boone.

The above picture is Porter. Porter is our chocolate lab. He is seven years old. He is Mr. Personality Plus. He is obsessed with fetching a ball (almost as bad as the dog in the movie Spanglish). Porter thinks he is my protector, so when Michael isn't at home he thinks he is the man of the house and proceeds to bark and growl at every little noise!

The black dog in the picture above is Boone. He is three years old. Believe it or not, Boone's mother is a golden retriever. We aren't sure about his father. We think it might have been a Great Dane or Grey Hound. Boone is huge, but he thinks he is a lap dog (as you can see in the picture). Boone is a sweetheart! He is so easy going and loving! When he gets excited he prances around like a pony. It is quite hilarious! Boone is my walking buddy. We love to go for long walks together in the afternoon.

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