Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Edition: My Favorite Things

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent the weekend visiting my parents and attending a wedding in South Georgia. I have a very funny story to tell you about my weekend, so make sure to come back tomorrow for that one!

Also, I didn't get to blog much last week, so I still owe you a few posts that I promised. I should be back to normal blogging next week. My big work event will be over Saturday! Yipeee! But for now, here's my favorite things!

Everyone knows that a cute beach bag is a summer essential, but what are the favorites that go in your beach bag? While I haven't picked my beach bag for the summer, I stay stocked with my favorites that go inside it!

These are my beach bag must haves...
  • Spray on sunscreen-Sunscreen is definitely a must for me! I always hated applying sunscreen until I found the spray on variety! I love spray on sunscreen. It is clean and easy to apply. My favorite is Coppertone Sport.

  • Leave In Conditioner-When I visit the beach, I don't spend much time in the sand. All my time is spent playing in the ocean which can be pretty tough on my hair. I love using leave in conditioner to protect my hair and keep it moisturized during a day of play in the ocean.
  • A great chick read-Some of my favorite authors are Emily Giffin, Sophia Kinsella, Jennifer Cruise, Carly Phillips, and Nora Roberts.
  • A great magazine or even better a great celebrity trash magazine!
  • A fun pair of sunglasses
  • A bottle of water
  • A fluffy beach towel
  • MP3 player
What are your favorite beach bag essentials?


Gracie Beth said...

I love that spray on sunblock!

Jules said...

If our bags were next to each other, I might mistake your bag for mine ;) I have the exact same things in my beach/pool bag. I love the spray on sunblock and I always have a bottle of leave-in conditioner. The sun and elements dry it out so much.

I also have to have chapstick with me!

NatalieDeltaGam said...

same thing for me as yours...
'cept a few more since the baby...diapers, wipes, a bottle, a bumbo, her tent, her hat, *her* sunscreen, etc.etc.

Melissa said...

You need a Bubba Keg (found at Walmart or Target). They keep water/ ice for hours. Much better than a bottle of water!! Also, Target carries them in hot pink! ;)

MissJody said...

Great ideas here!

I too, have the bubba keg!
It's quite nice I must say!:)

Gleatie said...

The spray on sunscreen is the BEST but it goes SO fast! When we went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon I had to buy 3 bottles for 5 days and I think we still ran out of it by the end. I just can't stand the lotion though! Ugh!

Ms. Attitude said...

I LOVE Sophie Kinsella!

Lis said...

Love your list! Mines the same with some spf lip stuff and a hat :) isn't summer just the best!?

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I may need to try that sunblock. :)