Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Funny Story for A Sad Day

It has been a while since I shared a funny story for you. Just so you know-my whole life is a funny story and that is the way I like it! Chaos has a tendency to follow me or maybe I just keep chaos in tow. Anyway-back to what I was saying, I thought about sharing a funny story with you yesterday, but I decided to wait until today to share it. Little did I know that today would be a very sad day to tell a funny story.

Unfortunately, today is a very sad day here at work. A coworker and dear friend of mine was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday afternoon. The office is gloomy and lonely without him here. However, I know that he is smiling down on us from Heaven. He was such an amazing man! He really lived life, and he had wonderful stories to tell! He was like an office Dad to many of us. I really don't think he would want us to be sad or mournful, so to pay tribute to my friend I thought I would share with you my favorite memory of him.

My friend always loved to eat. One morning I came into work ridiculously late, and no one was here. I went around the office and discovered that only my dear friend and I were present and accounted for. I asked him if he knew where everyone was, but he didn't. I made the comment that if I had known everyone was going to be gone that I would have stopped for a yummy, warm breakfast. Fifteen minutes later my friend show up at my office door and asked me if I was serious about breakfast. Of course I said yes, and we loaded up in his van and set out for a delicious breakfast. After breakfast we rode around looking at subdivisions and new buildings. It was a glorious work morning! When we got back from breakfast our boss was in the office, and we shared with him that I had been taken on a tour of the area since I was new to the company! We conveniently left out the yummy breakfast at IHOP!

The picture I posted is of my dear friend and I working at a local home show. This is not a very good picture of me due to the lack of make-up and an outfit that makes me look extra chubby. I usually don't post bad pictures of myself ( I am kind of vain like that), but bad or not this is a picture that I will treasure.
I wish I could capture in words what a great and amazing guy that my friend was, but there are no words that can accurately describe his unique nature and his wonderful sense of humor.
Dear friend you will be sorely missed, but we promise to keep up your jokes and antics around the office. You will be pleased to know that our first mission is to tape up the boss's office and then leave for a really long lunch at our favorite pizza place! Here's to you dear friend! Thank you for the memories, the stories, and the life lessons along the way!


Amanda said...

I am so sorry for your loss and love your tribute to him. It sounds as though he was the kind of person who definitely left a lasting impression on those in his life. Bless you as you mourn your dear friend.

Blane said...

Well I thought it was a very good picture since I took it!! Yes we will all miss Dan. I believe that was the last time I saw him - at the home show.