Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Pink Chick Gets Creative!

Once upon a time, a very good friend (who may or may not be named Hailey) taught me how to make a necklace. I made a red and black necklace to wear to the football games. That is the last piece of jewelry I made until recently.

Recently, I was inspired by a new blog friend (The Watermelon Tree) and her etsy site. I saw all the beautiful things that she created, and I yearned to create my very own beautiful things. The past few weeks I have been making earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. I have never had a true hobby before (other than shopping and talking), so it so neat to finally have a hobby! My thanks goes out to Hailey and The Watermelon Tree because you helped start all of this.

There are a few photos of my jewelry below. I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet. I may sell it in the family gift shop or I might just host a jewelry party! By the way, some of my photos are a bit blurry. I'm working on the whole photography thing! :)

The necklace above was the first necklace I made upon revisiting jewelry making. It has a shell pendant. The pendant matches the color of the beads. The flash on the camera made them look like they are different colors, but they aren't. Tricky camera!

The above picture is of my zebra necklace. Take a walk on the wild side! :) It photographed horribly, but my Wonder Twin is in love with it! I think it will make the perfect birthday gift for her.

The above necklace (again my photography skills suck) is one long necklace that is meant to be doubled. My favorite part of this necklace is that it looks very classic, but it has a little wild side too. It has a few cheetah beads here and there.

The above necklace is my very favorite necklace. It is a 3 strand necklace. It is shown twisted here. I made it so each strand can be taken off, so you can wear this necklace with all three strands, just one strand, or two strands.

The above picture will be my last for this post because I am sure you are tired of looking at pictures by now. It shows a few pairs of earrings I made. It also shows part of the 3 strand necklace that I mentioned above. You can also see a couple of bracelets I made-one is a charm like bracelet, the other is a bangle. Please ignore the presence of my keys and purse in the corner. Also, please ignore the background of the picture. It was taken on a ping pong table that my husband will not move out of the living room (that is a story for another day). Let me know what you think of my new creative streak! I welcome your thoughts and opinions (as long as they aren't too harsh). :)


Anonymous said...

Jennifer I want the first. Name the price and I will send it to you. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, You have a wonderful talent and should keep going with it!! Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments:) My favorite necklace is the long one!! You are very good and I need to know how you did the triple strand necklace:) I am going to be putting more jewelry on my site soon so keep a heads up:) Have a WONDERFUL day and keep up the good work!!!

Terri said...

You are awesome!!!