Friday, July 18, 2008

What is the weirdest thing(s) in your desk?

What is the weirdest thing in your desk? I gathered some responses to this question from a few coworkers. The responses with pictures are below. Please share with me the weirdest thing in your desk? No desk? Just think back to a time when you did have a desk and participate! I welcome all visitors (whether I know you or not) to play along! All I ask is that you keep it appropriate! Enjoy!

The weirdest things in my desk: A magnetic shoe that holds my gem clips, fishing line (inherited from the girl who had this job prior to me), a kazoo (yes I do play it at work), ring pops, a lobster sucker that my coworker brought back for me from her trip to Maine, a popper that pops up in the air when you turn it inside out, a "My Puppy Playtime" book, and gem clips in the shape of light bulbs

Heather's weirdest things: Kazoo (2 of them; one for each personality), Jar of glow-in-the-dark bouncy eyeballs, Out-of-date cheezits left over from Katie (ewww), Hardhat, Horticulture student of the year plaque, yardstick, Monkey mood indicator, Playing cards (2 decks) (Picture is located in the bottom right of the collage below)

Unnamed Coworker 1: a retro clock, a hippo, a rhino (not pictured), an etch-a-sketch, rocks, a tire valve, and a painting (first picture in collage below)

Unnamed Coworker 2: a toy car from a birthday cake, hair care products, the creepy gas guy, a teddy bear with the little grabber arms, a stress ball in the shape of a nose (remaining pictures in the collage)

Unnamed Coworker 3: a rubber roach, a shock pen, and a miniature globe (in which I make the rubber roach sit on top of because roaches are taking over the world) (all not pictured)

I asked my husband what was the weirdest thing in his desk. His answer-a pencil and maybe a 2006 calendar. What? That is totally not acceptable. I am planning to sneak into his office and plant something weird in one of his desk drawers. I have considered many things, but I think I my favorite so far is Lee Press-On Nails. Please feel free to let me know your suggestions!

And just in case you are wondering how this post came to be: Heather and I purchased some to give out at a class we were supposed to teach. We didn't get to teach the class, so we have a box full of toys. I think I already mentioned this in one of my earlier blogs. Well, the last time we had a box of toys we sent pirate eye patches, stickers, and tattoos to people through inter-office mail. We tried to do this without anyone figuring out it was us, but of course they all figured out who it was. We were trying to figure out who would be the recipients of our next round of toys when we came up with the idea to randomly put a toy in people's desk when they were not present. All of this prompted the weirdest thing in your desk post. Not a very entertaining story, but I wanted to throw it out there just in case people were wondering!

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Anonymous said...

First of all, I must start off saying I think you are the funniest person that I know!! The earlier post were you said you need suspenders to hold up your panties!!! GREAT!!!
I don't have a desk but back when I did, probably the most unusual thing I had in it was flavored popcorn salt and a Christmas ornament.