Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Edition: My Favorite Things

Ice Cream is definitely a summer favorite around my house, but being a member of the Fat Girls Club (Weight Watchers) there aren't too many varieties of ice cream that I can eat that won't cause me to go over my allotted points for the day. I know what you are thinking, "there are several low fat, low calorie options that you can choose from so stop your whining". True, but have you ever tasted some of those low cal, low fat ice creams? They are very low in taste also. In other words, they are gross. I would rather eat frozen broccoli on a stick! :)

However, I have found one "guilt-free" ice cream that is better than the "guilt-filled" ice cream. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are absolutely delicious. I know many of you who read my blog can afford to eat the extra calories of real ice cream, but this ice cream is the best. I would rather eat a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich than a regular ice cream sandwich (even if the calories and fat didn't matter on the real ice cream sandwich). Skinny Cows are definitely the way to go! They are yummy, and they are only 2 points. So whether you are fit and thin or a little round on the edges (like me), you should definitely try Skinny Cow Ice Cream! You won't be disappointed! This product is available at your local grocery store, but you can find out more information about it at

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Anonymous said...

I too have experienced the stinky coke phenom. Love the blog. Hope you and Mike are having a good summer. Lots of love.
Your pal from Mississippi, Mel