Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guess Who's Back!

I'm back! I just got home from vacation last night! My husband and I went to Outerbanks, NC with some friends. It was a beautiful place with wonderful beaches! I highly recommend a visit if you have never been. I will write more about my vacation later. I'm a little tired and my brain is not fully functioning, so I thought I would share a few photos from a side excursion that we took.
I'm all about visiting beautiful and historic places, but if on the way to those beautiful destinations you can visit something odd or unusual it makes it that much better! I am totally the kind of person that would stop just so I could have my picture made with the world's largest ball of yarn or an aluminium foil armadillo.
On the way to Outer Banks, we passed a place called South Of The Border. It is located on I-95 close to the South Carolina-North Carolina border. Don't worry! There is no way you can miss it if you want to visit. There are hundreds of billboards, and it can clearly be seen from the interstate. I have been dreaming about visiting this place ever since I heard of its existence.

Notice the large sombrero in the picture above. There is no way you can miss this place.

Below are a few of the billboards we passed as we neared South of The Border. You may have to click on them to read the messages. Every billboard had a different, quirky message.

This is by far one of the tackiest places on Earth! I mean it is right of there with Graceland! Of course, I love it! I love tacky things! I embrace tackiness! South of the Border is filled with shops and places to eat and concrete animals! I have posted a series of photos below that chronicle my journey into this new and wonderfully tacky place.

I'm sure you noticed that Michael is only in one picture. I promise that I wasn't being a camera hog. Michael just didn't find the concrete animals as glorious and wonderful as I did. He did find it funny that I would point and squeal like a kid every time a found a new concrete animal though.

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