Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A little snippet from yesterday

Yesterday was a fun and horrible day all at the same time. I thought I would share some of the funny and not so funny things that went on.
  • My coworker (We will call he Heather. That may or may not be her real name.) and I bought these small toys from Oriental Trading to give out at this class we were supposed to teach. We ended up not teaching the class because it was during the time when we lost our dear friend and coworker, so I had this box of toys just sitting in my office. During a break, I decided to take the toys into Heather's office so we could test them out. I mean, we will probably give them away at one of our next events, so we need to make sure they are safe and fun for children. We had so much fun! I even discovered a new talent! I have incredibly good aim with the sling shot ninja, but I need to keep working on my sling shot frog skills.
  • At Fat Girls Club yesterday, I was sitting beside my Wonder Twin. She cracks me up! That girl is so funny, and one of the many reasons I get in trouble at Weight Watchers so much! I am also blessed to have another friend at Weight Watcher that is also fun and hilarious! The three of us cause more than our share of trouble at the meetings! :) Yesterday, our leader was asking how we handle our cravings for something salty. Everyone was answering with different foods and the point values assigned to those foods. My Wonder Twin's answer was the best! Her response to the question posed, "You can always exercise and then lick your arm!" I lost it and basically laughed the rest of the meeting!
  • Now for the horrible story (insert sinister music here-duh, duh, dummmmm)-When I got home from my Fat Girl Club meeting, I was tired and didn't feel like cooking, so my husband and I went to a little restaurant right around the corner from our house. We were having a nice meal (and were the only people in the place) when two middle aged couples came in. The couples ordered wine and when the waiter served them the wine he accidentally spilled an entire glass on one of the men. However, I was on my best behavior, so I didn't laugh. I didn't even giggle. I just sat there like nothing had happened. Later in the meal, I was telling my husband a story, and I guess I was being very animated because one of the ladies started talking about me as soon as I finished my story. She was not saying very nice things either. I couldn't believe my ears. She was trying to whisper, but I could hear everything. I looked over at her table, but she didn't see me looking. Her husband saw me looking so I stared him down until he cued her to shut up. When he finally cued her to shut up, she leaned over the table and "whispered" to the other couple, "I will finish my story later because the subject of my story is sitting in the restaurant with us." I absolutely couldn't believe it. I sat in silence the rest of the meal. I could not believe that someone would be so rude! It took everything I had not to say something to her. I thought about going over to the table and introducing myself and telling the lady some key facts about my life. That way if she was going to talk about me at least she would have something to work with. Luckily for me, the waiter had forgotten to bring our rolls with our meal, so he brought them out a little later. We didn't really want the rolls, but they made great ammunition! I pelted that wrinkled cow with the whole basket! Okay, so I really didn't do that, but what a great story it would have been if I did! I actually left the restaurant without saying a word. I wanted to say good bye and tell her that she was free to talk about me again because I was leaving, but I didn't. I just left. I didn't even damage her car as I pulled out of the parking lot. I did think about it though. If I do ever see her again, I will make sure to kindly introduce myself! I hate rude people and I would like to share that with her. For those of you who don't know me, please know that I am actually a kind and gentle person. My anger in telling this story makes me sound like some kind of redneck who is ready to get scrappy. I promise I am not a redneck and I don't go around looking for fights. I can't claim that I am the charm school valedictorian either. I really like the way my friend, Martin, describes me. He says that I am witty, charming, and delightfully vulgar.

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Terri said...

Oh my goodness! That makes me sad! I can't imagine why anybody would be that mean to you!