Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Kiss Better Than I Cook

While at a craft show with my sister (the oldest chick) I purchased a precious hand painted sign that read "I Kiss Better Than I Cook". For years I have proudly displayed this sign in my kitchen. I find this sign highly entertaining, but I have never given it any real thought......until yesterday.

Yesterday I arrived home from "The Fat Girl's Club" (formerly known as Weight Watchers) and I decided to cook a Chicken Pot Pie (only 6 points a serving). I turned on the C.D. player in my kitchen and danced around as I pre-heated my oven and created my chicken pot pie masterpiece. The whole time I was thinking-I am such a great wife, my husband is going to come home to a happy house and a nice warm, home cooked meal. Everything was perfect!

I put my chicken pot pie in the oven and 20 minutes later I pulled out a beautiful creation with a golden crust. I got a call from Michael (that is my husband if you didn't already know) that said he was going to be a little late, so I went ahead and served myself a portion of chicken pot pie. I took my first bite, and I realized that something just didn't taste right. It tasted okay, but something was missing. THE CHICKEN!!!! The chicken was missing!!!! I forgot to put the stupid chicken in the chicken pot pie!!!! The dogs and the garbage disposal had a really nice vegetarian meal that night, and I learned that the sign is true. I do kiss better than I cook!

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Anonymous said...

I love it. It sounds like something that I would do. I have made different things before and I baked somethings and one day I for got to put vanilla in one of the deserts I was baking. It was nasty for sure.