Friday, June 6, 2008

Why "The Pink Chick"?

If you have stumbled upon my new blog, you must be wondering why I have named my blog "The Pink Chick". The story isn't all that entertaining, but I will share it any way. My Mom and Sister recently opened a small gift shop in South Georgia. My Mom decided to name the gift shop "Three Chicks and a Hen" because of her and her 3 girls. I am the youngest of the three, and people kept asking me if I was one of the chicks. To answer 'yes' to the question I heard 1,173 times a day was a bit boring, so I started telling people I was the pink chick. My sister was supposed to put the a pink chick on the sign, but she forgot. I think she was jealous of my pink chick status. :)I am not sure why I decided I was the pink chick other than I was definitely a chick and I really like pink. I have hopes of making a few of my own products (like soap) and selling them in my mom and sister's store under "The Pink Chick" brand. I'm not sure if this will ever happen, but I will let you know!

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