Monday, June 16, 2008

Parents of Unattended Children Beware!

I won't be able to add to my blog much this week because I have a huge event at work, so I thought I would share something funny I saw a few weeks ago. Don't worry I still have plenty of funny stories from "The Fat Girl's Club", but they will just have to wait until I have time to write them (probably next week).

A few weeks ago some coworkers and I went to a fabulous lunch at "Abstract Burger". It has delicious food. I had a burger with blue cheese and grilled vidalia onions and a side of homemade chips (don't tell The Fat Girl's Club). However, my favorite part of my lunch was not the actual meal, but it was the sign I noticed near the coffee bar in the restaurant. Of course I took a picture of it so I could share it with you!

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