Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Edition: My Favorite Things

It's that time again-time for me to share with you something that I love. I have a new love that I just discovered last week thanks to one of my new blog friends ( My new love is Etsy is an on-line marketplace in which you can buy and sell homemade items. I love exploring this web-site and looking at all the wonderful items that people have made. I recently purchased a beautiful pair of earrings from my new blog friend. Don't forget to stop by her store when you visit You can find her handmade jewelry at Who knows-exploring may inspire you to create something beautiful too!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer, thanks for stopping by Tara shop. She does make wonderful jewerly and she is a great christian friend of mine. I hope that you are doing great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jennifer!!! You are so very sweet and one of my new great friends:) I LOVE etsy!! Have a wondermous day:)
Love Tara at the Watermelon Tree